From the maker of The Hercules, Xtreme Florring & Mfg is proud to present our latest invention, The 3 IN 1 Bucket Cleaner!


The Hercules from Xtreme Flooring & Mfg, Inc is the result of over twenty five years of experience in the flooring and carpeting installation industry. Hercules Inventor and entrepreneur John Rannikko has done it all: custom flooring, residential and industrial carpet removal and installation, and more. He realized that pulling up the old carpet just took too long. It was hard to keep his rates competitive with all of the extra bodies he needed to pull up the carpet. His initial designs worked so well, he put them into practice. He refined his ideas into a simple, effective and powerful tool: the Hercules!

It takes a lot of man-hours to pull up carpeting, and it's back-breaking work. The new, state-of-the-art Hercules can cut all of those extra payroll hours down to one person!

Here's the video:

Why should you have the Hercules?

1.Hercules is a state of the art carpet removal machine.
2.It can remove 500-700 yards of carpet per day with one man and no physical labor.
3.It has 4000 lbs of removal power to pull up the toughest carpet.
4.It can reduce workman's comp insurance by reducing the amount of employees or contractors on your job.
5.It will reduce labor costs, because it's just you and the machine.
6.It comes standard with a 4 foot pull bar for maximum coverage.
7.An optional 2 foot pull bar for smaller spaces is available.
8.The Transport Safety Cage for the teeth also acts as safety guard when in the operating position.

To find out more about the Hercules, contact the distributor in your area, call toll free 774-253-6849, or Email
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